Welcome to

Pre-world-congress Meeting of Young Researchers in Probability

and Statistics 2012 (PWCYPS 2012)

July 6-8, 2012

Koç University, Sariyer, Istanbul, TURKEY


As a satellite meeting to the 8th World Congress in Probability and Statistics (www.worldcong2012.org), and the first of its kind, the Pre-world-congress meeting of young researchers in probability and statistics 2012 (PWCYPS 2012) seeks to promote the active participation of statisticians and probabilists in their graduate education and early careers in the epicentre of the 8th World Congress. The meeting will take place on July 6-8 2012, preceding the 8th World Congress July 9-14, 2012. The venue of the meeting is the beautiful campus of Koc University, Istanbul and the PWCYPS meeting will give the opportunity for young statisticians and probabilists to participate in encouraging and heartening lectures by distinguished lecturers, providing them with a forum where they can build scientific bonds with colleagues in their respective fields. Statistical and Probabilistic themes covered in the meeting will be broad and diverse, reflecting the Congress's character.


In addition to interactions with fellow young statisticians, the meeting will allow participants to learn from and interact with some of the leaders of the disciplines who will be attending 8th World Congress in a more informal, compact and conducive environment than the larger main 8th World Congress itself. During the weekend, the young participants will follow lectures and meet some of the key speakers and invited session organisers to the World Congress, in addition to participating to other cultural, scientific and social activities. This will allow you to be more prepared for the lectures on the World Congress and to get in contacts with some of the main statisticians and probabilists of the moment. The meeting starts on Friday 6 of July, 2012 at 16.00 and ends in the evening of Sunday 8 July 2012: 48 hours full of activity. 


We wish this to be a truly global event, and we aim to a strong participation of young students from the developing counties. In order to make it possible for students from developing countries to join the young statisticians meeting and the World Congress, the International Mathematical Union, the European Mathematical Society, the World Bank and the Bernoulli Society have offered grants to cover local costs in Istanbul and registration fee for participants from the developing countries. 


If you are a young statistician or probabilist in a developing country, please apply for financial support here: http://pwc2012.ku.edu.tr/registration. Deadline is March 20, 2012. We do not know yet how much support we can offer, and for how many, as we are still looking for more sponsors. If you are selected, you will be informed by April 1st, in good time to organise your travel. 
If you are a young statistician or probabilist in a developed country, please register and pay the registration fee here: http://pwc2012.ku.edu.tr/registration. Please do this as soon as possible, as places are limited. You will see on our website that there are two levels of registration fee, and we hope you your institution can afford to pay the higher fee, which is a form of sponsoring of the event.