Financial Support


List of Winners (with Travel Grant):

Daniela  Dianda
Lillian Siziba
Franck Adékambi
Hugo de La Cruz
Gabriel Sarmanho
Zhenghong Wang
Tien Dung Nguyen
Jiang Hu
Ezra Gayawan
Syeda Darakshan Jabeen
Tesfa Messele Mulugeta
Selamawit Serka Moja
Kidane  Desta
Denekew Bitew
Endale Berhane Altaye
Soufiane Aazizi
Salah Haridy
Olga Izyumtseva
Natalia Markovich
Negar Eghbal
Barbara  Jasiulis-Gołdyn
Marek Arendarczyk
Li Xinpeng
Omar Boukhadra
Ali  Mohammadian Mosammam
List of Winners (Local costs only):

Juan Barrios
Yohannes  Yebabe
Renato Gava
Osman Dag
Ozgur Asar
Mehmet Niyazi Çankaya
Funding Application for the Pre-world-congress Meeting of Young Researchers
in Probability and Statistics 2012 (PWCYPS 2012)
Who can apply?
  1. Master students, PhD students or post-docs or junior researchers (max 8 years from PhD graduation) in statistics or probability are eligible for funding.
  2. Note that available funds are limited. Eligible applicants will be considered
  3. The completed funding form below should be submitted before March 20, 2012. 
  4. You have to be living in a developing country, as stated on http://isi-web.org/developing
  5. Please register also at the World conference, through the web site, http://www.worldcong2012.org, if you will be awarded with this grant, the registration fee for the World congress will also be paid for you. If you do not receive this grant, you will need to find other funding or cancel your registration. If you have already results in your scientific work, we encourage you to also submit an abstract to the World conference, for a poster or a contributed presentation. The congress webpage tells you how to do it. The Pre-world-congress meeting for young researchers does not have presentations from the participants.  
  6. You should apply only once for this funding.


How to apply? Fill out the app